September 20, 2020

Preventive measures go a long way in keeping your HVAC systems up and running. A simple breakdown of your AC on a hot summer day can quickly render your home uninhabitable.

Just as taking care of yourself keeps you healthy, there are specific measures that, when taken, can help prevent your AC or furnace from breaking down.

1. Check for Leaking Refrigerant

Have you ever noticed that your AC has been subsequently losing its cooling power? If so, then you probably have a refrigerant leak. Although other breakdowns are potentially expensive and inconvenient, refrigerant leaks might need correction by law. This is due to its potentially hazardous and environmental effects.

When left unchecked, leaks can lead to low refrigerant levels. This may damage the compressor as it works harder to provide adequate cooling. Fixing refrigerant leaks in time helps you prevent deterioration of your AC. Furthermore, it also saves you the hassle and expense of compressor failure.

2. Only Hire Qualified Professionals

Some jobs are best left to professionals. The fact that your heating and air conditioning systems contain complex components and mechanisms makes it complicated for the average person to handle.

However, involving a professional saves you from all the hassle. Qualified technicians ensure the system is calibrated correctly. They also conduct voltage tests, thus reducing the risks of component failure.

3. Oil & Lubrication

Appropriate lubrication of the compressor is a vital way of keeping your unit working efficiently. The oil not only lubricates the moving parts but also acts as a sealant and an insulator. Therefore, changing the compressor oil should never be missed in your preventive maintenance checklist.

In most cases, problems that cause compressor failures aren’t due to the unit itself.

4. Inspect Wiring

Electricity is the backbone of your entire heating and cooling system. When an electrical failure happens in the system, it can lead to the production and accumulation of acids in the appliance.

In the case of an AC, this can cause damage to its internal parts, more so the compressor. Regular maintenance inspections help in finding and replacing faulty fuses and wires before they cause accidents and system breakdown. Investing in professional wiring inspection can save you both time and money.

At Hawk Heating & Air Conditioning, we offer heating and cooling installation, repair, and maintenance services for all makes and models. This is despite Lennox and Rudd being our primary brands. Additionally, we also offer affordable financing options on approved credit. For more information on ways of preventing HVAC failure, contact Hawk Heating & Air Conditioning today.

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