March 20, 2020

Prepare your home’s indoor environment for the coming heat waves and summer weather by fine-tuning your HVAC system during the spring months. You will enjoy greater comfort and better savings because spring maintenance will improve the unit in a few crucial ways.

Efficiency Levels Go Up

After so much downtime, your system accumulates more than just dust and debris. Rust is one contaminant that can build up on your HVAC system. However, after undergoing maintenance in spring, the unit will be free of rusty and defective parts. The skilled technicians at Hawk Heating & Air Conditioning know how to get HVAC equipment to function without a hitch. The better your system runs, the more efficient it will be, ensuring that your utility bill won’t skyrocket in the summer.

Durability Increases

Spring maintenance will minimize your need to worry about the climate control system. Early spring tune-ups make a huge difference because they get the unit ready for daily use, and they eliminate the common issues that affect the unit’s durability. That’s why you can expect fewer breakdowns to occur. Hawk Heating & Air Conditioning operates in the Galt area, keeping your homes cool in the hot California summers. Our technicians are skilled at tackling installations, repairs and maintenance. Let us fix or replace your unit if it’s not running smoothly.

Call on the Pros

As a reputable dealer of Lennox and Rudd products, Hawk Heating & Air Conditioning can easily provide you with a system that will establish pleasant indoor conditions on any day. Just keep in mind that it’s cheaper to invest in our maintenance service if your system is still up and running.

We are accredited by the Better Business Bureau. With outstanding expertise and excellent problem-solving skills, the NATE-certified professionals on our team can improve all makes and models of HVAC systems in the Galt area. We also offer 24-hour emergency HVAC service. Call us today to get prompt assistance with any heating or cooling jobs.

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