May 13, 2020

It’s important to get the right size of air conditioner for your home for a number of reasons. Replacing your central air conditioner isn’t an inexpensive proposition, so getting the decision right is very important. Here are the major factors to keep in mind.

Why You Need the Right Size of Air Conditioner

You don’t want an air conditioner too large or too small for your home. You have some leeway, but the important thing is to have the air conditioner size that is right for your home. The most important factor in this is the square footage of your home.
An air conditioner that is too large will quickly cool your home, shut off, and cycle back on too rapidly. An AC system that is too small will run continuously as it can’t get your home’s temperature to whatever you set the thermostat at. Both of these situations lead to higher energy bills, more repairs, a shorter AC system lifespan and reduced comfort.

Biggest Factors in Getting the Right-Sized AC System

The biggest factors to consider are the square footage of your home and where you live in the country. Other factors include how much exposure to the sun your home gets, the number of windows, the quality of insulation and so on.
Hawk Heating & Air Conditioning is a contractor in Galt, CA, whose technicians are skilled at calculating what size air conditioner is right for a home. We provide services throughout the greater Sacramento and Stockton area.

Go Larger If Needed

It’s likely the contractor replacing your AC system won’t have the exact right size for your home. You likely need to choose between one that’s a bit too small for your home and one that’s a little larger than is ideal. You should choose the larger one as it will cool your home during extreme conditions.

Hawk Heating & Air Conditioning provides heating and cooling services including replacements, repairs and tune-ups. Our products include heat pumps, furnaces, air conditioners, packaged systems and thermostats. If you’re ready to schedule a service, please contact us today.

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