July 20, 2022
Humid AC in Galt, CA

Air conditioning is a popular way to make your house cool and comfortable on hot days. However, you might notice that your house still feels humid, even though you’ve had the air conditioner running all day. There are a few reasons why this might be the case.

1. It’s Very Humid Outside

If it’s extremely humid outside, your air conditioner might be struggling to keep it cool and moisture-free inside your home. This is especially true when it’s storming. If you live in a climate where there are a lot of hot days and thunderstorms, you might consider a different method for cooling your home. Reach out to Hawk Heating & Air Conditioning in Galt, CA, to explore your options.

2. An Overcrowded Home

You might notice it feels extra hot and sticky in your house when there are a lot of people in it. If you have a big family or a bunch of visitors, that could be the cause of extra humidity. Warm bodies and perspiration can put extra moisture in the air. Try to limit overcrowding or upgrade your cooling system if it’s a frequent occurrence in your home.

3. Cooking and Bathing

Before starting to worry that your air conditioner is broken, check if someone is cooking or bathing when it feels extra humid inside. Hot baths and showers can create excess steam that boosts the humidity in your bathroom and surrounding areas. The same goes for cooking if you’re making a lot of steam in the kitchen. Finishing the task and getting some air circulation should restore your home’s humidity. If not, there could be a more serious issue.

4. Air Conditioner Problems

If none of the above seem to be the case, yet it still seems like your air conditioner is making your house humid, there could be an issue with it. One of the most common problems is dirty filters. Make sure you clean the filters in your air conditioner frequently to avoid a buildup of dirt and debris that can cause a series of problems. Frozen evaporator coils, blocked condenser coils, an aging air conditioner, or simply having the wrong settings selected could also be the problem.

The best way to address concerns with your air conditioner is to contact a professional. Our technicians at Hawk Heating & Air Conditioning can help you with AC and heating installation, maintenance, and repairs to ensure your home is comfortable every day of the year. Call today!

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