If you’re not getting yearly AC maintenance in Sacramento, CA, you may want to rethink your position. Experts agree that an air conditioning tune-up can help homeowners improve the condition of their AC, increase its energy efficiency, and save money on their energy bills. Even the newest air conditioner will wear down, and issues will emerge that can grow into major repair needs if left unattended. Maintenance lets you avoid the hassle of such major needs and minimizes the wear on your AC. You may be able to extend the life of your AC by several years on account of maintenance. And if the AC has a warranty, maintenance will keep it valid.

    AC Maintenance for Sacramento Residents

    A tune-up should only take one or two hours, but the length depends on how comprehensive the inspection is. Some companies offer 30-point inspections while others may give you a 20-point inspection; usually, companies can present you with multiple options so that you can choose the level of protection that fits you and your budget. After inspecting your air conditioner, the maintenance technician will perform certain tests and make adjustments where necessary.

    The tune-up will likely include the following.

    • Testing for proper airflow
    • Refrigerant leak check
    • Checking for leaking ducts
    • Inspecting for loose or old wiring

    The technician will clean the coils in your system because these cannot provide cool air if they’re caked up with dirt and grime. Compressors, since they’re outside, can get especially dirty and even clogged with leaves and dead insects. Next, the technician may oil up the motor bearings so as to prevent overheating. Air filter replacement, though it’s not a once-a-year task, can also be included in the tune-up.

    Thermostats are an important part of any comfort system, and they can lose their calibration over time, causing the system to turn on and off at the wrong times. This is why maintenance will, more often than not, involve thermostat calibration as well. Once the tune-up is complete, you should get a report that you can refer to in case you need to schedule separate repairs.

    Sacramento’s Air Conditioning Tune-Up Providers

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