November 19, 2021
Heat Conservation in Herald CA,

The winter season means cold weather and all the concerns that come with it. Homeowners will appreciate a working furnace although they may not be entirely fond of high heating bills. Wasted heat contributes to such costs and more, which is why conserving heat seems wise. A few simple tips could help keep waste and the expenses down.

Try a Lower Temperature

Some might be in the habit of keeping the temperature at a certain level. Maybe lowering the temperature a few degrees would save energy without taking away from comfort. Lowering the thermostat two or three degrees could have a decent impact on conservation with minimal change in interior comfort.

Requesting a Furnace Tune-Up

An inefficient furnace could waste significant energy heating a home. A dirty filter or a worn-out part may contribute to the problem, and, worse, the issue could degrade the life of the furnace. Requesting a cleaning and tune-up from an experienced technician may uncover issues and lead to a fix.

For heating repair installation and maintenance, Hawk Heating & Air Conditioning offers such services to Galt and surrounding area residents. Our team handles air conditioning work, as well.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

Not many people want to come home to an ice-cold house. However, leaving the temperature set to 70 degrees when no one is home wastes heat. With a programmable thermostat, the temperature could remain lowered while everyone is away, and it could rise to a higher temperature one hour before people arrive. This could help reduce costs and waste.

Seal Up Drafts in Doors and Windows

Any heat that escapes the home and that leaks through poorly insulated doors and windows is woefully wasted. Correcting the problem may require little more than replacing seams and upgrading the caulking. Broken windows will require replacing, though. Whatever the replacement costs are, they may save the homeowner from paying unnecessarily high bills.

In addition to heating and cooling work, Hawk Heating & Air Conditioning assists with indoor air quality requests. We’re an established dealer of Lennox and Rudd products. Call our office today to schedule a home visit.

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