January 11, 2022
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Regardless of whether you are searching for an electric or gas furnace for your Galt, California, home, this guide will give you some basic things to consider to ensure you get the right furnace for your needs. Furnaces come in four types. They are electric, natural gas, propane, and oil. Each furnace type operates slightly different from the others and has its own operating costs.

Electric Versus Natural Gas Furnaces

The two most common furnace types you will find are electric and natural gas. Electric furnaces are less expensive to purchase and maintain. However, since they run on electricity and the cost of electricity is constantly rising, they can be expensive to operate.

Natural gas furnaces are more expensive to purchase upfront, but if you have a natural gas line running to your house, they are less costly to operate over the long run. Also, natural gas furnaces are more powerful than electric furnaces because they can heat air quicker in their heat exchanger chamber.

Single Versus Multi-Stage Heating Furnaces

Once you have decided on the heating source, you must decide how many stages you want the furnace to have. Older furnaces use a single-stage heat process. This means that the flame is either off or on. Heating is not precise, and the unit will constantly turn off and on throughout the day.

A multi-stage heating furnace has different size flames based on the outdoor temperature. Because it has two flames, it can offer more precise heating when compared to a single-stage furnace.

A single-stage furnace/thermostat is less expensive than its multi-stage counterpart. The size of your home will impact which unit is suitable for you.

A Word About Efficiency

AFUE, which is annualized fuel utilization efficiency, is a rating that is similar to miles per gallon. It tells you how much fuel your furnace will use to produce heat. You want a furnace with an AFUE rating of 90 or above.

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