June 6, 2021
Cooling Solutions in Galt, CA

Hot summer days in Galt, CA, are a nice break away from the cold winter months, but there are days when the heat becomes too much. And while some homeowners can fix it with a simple flick of the thermostat switch on their AC, some homes might not have this option. Fortunately, you can still cool your home without an AC using these four nifty tricks.

1. Weatherstrip Your Doors and Walls

Weatherstripping is a technique commonly done during wintertime, but it’s equally useful during summertime. It traps the cool air inside and keeps the hot air outside from entering. There are various types of weatherstripping material that you can purchase, including felt, foam, vinyl, and stainless steel and aluminum frames.

2. Minimize Oven or Burner Use

Any kitchen appliance that emits heat should be used sparingly. You don’t want to be baking pastries or roasting meats in your 400-degree oven in the middle of 100-degree weather. It only makes the indoor climate hotter. You can opt for either outdoor grilling or cooking at cooler times of the day, such as the early morning or late afternoon.

3. Plant Vines

Planting vines can provide a natural cooling cover for your home. Vines, like ivy, grow quickly and can reduce the temperature by blocking the amount of sunlight that reaches the exterior portion of your walls. In addition to vines, certain houseplants are also used to cool homes during summertime. These include snake plants, rubber plants, and weeping figs.

4. Install Awnings

An awning above your windows is another great way to limit the amount of sunlight that hits your home. Make the preliminary measurements before buying an awning to make sure it fits securely. You can also find awnings that have a retractable design for easy mounting and dismounting.

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