February 12, 2021
Poor Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality in commercial buildings and homes can cause poor health. If you walk into your house and you smell a musty odor or your eyes or throat feel irritated, you could be dealing with compromised indoor air quality. You might not automatically know when you have poor indoor air quality in your home, but looking out for some signs can help you do so.

Inconsistent Airflow

Inconsistencies in the air as you move around your house indicate poor indoor air quality caused by issues with the ventilation unit. You can watch out for rooms with a lower or higher temperature than others. You can also look for rooms with higher humidity levels than others or areas that are overly dry. When the ventilation system fails to maintain proper humidity levels and temperatures, it compromises indoor air quality.

Allergy Symptoms

High allergy seasons bring along many allergens. However, if your allergies worsen during the off-seasons, your indoor air could be the reason. Skin dryness and eyes and nose irritation are indicators of poor indoor air quality. They’re signs that your indoor air has too much dirt and dust particles that clog your air filters and vents, so they fail to function efficiently. Since you might be accustomed to the air in your house, you may not realize that you have poor indoor air quality. You can confirm if this is the case if your guests sneeze or cough when they’re inside your house.

Constant Cleaning

Your HVAC unit could be dirty if there seems to be an accumulation of dirt and dust all over your house. The dirty unit could be spreading dust to all surfaces in your home. It would be wise to hire a professional HVAC technician to clean the HVAC unit and duct system, or you can purchase a new air filtration unit to improve the indoor air quality. Knowing the signs of poor air quality is important to keeping your home comfortable.

Our qualified technicians can improve your house’s indoor air quality in Sacramento County. We can also offer personalized HVAC maintenance plans, heating repairs and installation, emergency HVAC services, and air conditioning repairs and installations. Call Hawk Heating & Air Conditioning today in Galt to get help if you’ve noticed any of these signs of poor indoor air quality.

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